Success in civil service exams are mainly dependent on a right strategy under a proper guidance, otherwise it’s just like a ship without a rudder. Syllabus is huge and student needs to be a jack of all trades and with a technical approach.

It is always difficult, rather next to impossible to remember every single data from every single subject and deliver them properly on exam copy – here a need of professional coach arises who can systematically arrange the syllabus, analysis the weak –points of the student, deliver right format of notes, arrange all data in a suggestive manner, technically enhance the memory of the student with several interesting sessions ( memory game, short-cut puzzles, data linking etc ) and can deliver classes in a unique method that actually helps the aspirant to perform.

Pabitra Chakraborty’s classes are different from any other institution because of his extra effort on the coaching method. Instead of conventional way, his classes deliver all segments in particular techniques and pre-designed formats. All subjects are taught with several short stories, games & practical phenomena so that students can remember the core concept for a long time with these links.

MOCK SESSIONS, PRACTICE SESSIONS, MEMORY ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMS, TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES, QUESTION ANALYSIS, ANSWER WRITING, SHORT-CUT APPLICATIONS AND DOUBT CLEARANCE SESSIONS are the regular components of the class along with several extra sessions with AUDIO & VIDEO so that no stone remains unturned. Performance of each individual student is tracked on regular interval and their progress is also monitored by the advisors. Students are free to communicate 24×7 with any of the teachers and upgrade their weak – points or any doubt that they come across.

Ultimate motto is success in the first attempt with 100% confidence which is possible by anyone from any background who attends all weekly classes regularly.